UX testing software eye tracking Tobii Pro


Tobii 4C GazeShare Edition

Create test session rooms

Create book-markable links to test session rooms that can be shared with test participants and stakeholders.

Stream live sessions of your users' screens with their gaze

Stream GazeShare sessions to observers with user web cam, audio, screen and gaze overlay.

Record test sessions for later

Replay recordings online, or download the mp4 to share the with anyone who couldn't come to the live session.

Invite guests

GazeShare sessions can support up to 3 connected computers, allowing you to invite observers to watch live sessions.  Send room links to anyone, letting them enter as anonymous guest users. Perfect for when you want to invite stakeholders and team members to join a session from another location.

Text Chat

You can communicate with remote observers during a session - so you have a chance to get their feedback and questions.

GazeShare edition Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

  • The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C with attached USB 2.0 cable, 80cm
  • 4 mounting brackets with non-permanent adhesive for attaching the eye tracker to computer or monitor
  • Travel case for eye tracker and magnets

For more information about the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, please review the Specifications.

For a complete list of requirements, please visit the Technical Specifications page.