Using GazeShare with Tobii Pro X3-120

  1. First, you need to have the latest X3-120 drivers installed (as per Tobii Pro instructions). The order is important, otherwise it won’t work.​

  2. Second, you need to download and install the Tobii eye tracking controller software to be able to get the x3-120 to work with GazeShare. Get them here:

    Download Software

  3. After installation, the you should set up the eye tracker and calibration profile. That is done by running the software from the Window Taskbar:

    Tobii Software is located in the Windows Taskbar

  4. Press the Tobii Eye Tracker icon in the system tray and then on the user profile icon to get into the User Profile menu. Then press Create New Profile to get started:

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, and save your profile. You can test the calibration briefly by turning on Gaze Trace from the same menu.

  6. Now the user is ready to use GazeShare. They just need to have Chrome installed, and add the GazeShare browser extension:
    Get Chrome Extension


More information :