How can I change the format of the recordings made with GazeShare?

Convert your file through VLC or a free online converter.
Currently, GazeShare recordings are only available in the webm format.

View your recordings with theĀ VLC media player. Download it here for
Windows or Mac.

Go to the top left corner of the VLC application and click "Media."

Then, click "Convert/Save."

convert webm to MP4

Choose with webm file you would like to convert by selecting it.

Click "Convert/Save."

convert webm to MP4

Choose the MP4 format.

Browse and choose which destination you want for your new file.

Click Start.

Done! You will now find the file in your selected destination.

convert webm to MP4

If you don't want to use VLC, we suggest that you Google "convert webm file" and upload your GazeShare recording to a free online converter.

Sorry for the inconvenience! We are working on making the files available in MP4 format.