How do I add and remove members from my room?

You add a participant by sharing the unique URL to the room. You cant remove a participant, they have to do it themselves by leaving the session.
 How to add members:

You can invite others to your room by sharing the unique URL generated for your room.

There are two options:

1. Click on "copy link" beneath the box and the link will be copied to your clipboard.

room box

2. Click on "copy link" in the right-side bar when you have entered a room, the link will be copied to your clipboard.

in a room copy link

Paste the link inside an email, calender invite, text message, slack message, Whatsapp message, Facebook message... You name it! The receiver pastes the link in the Chrome web browser and ta-da - a participant has joined a your room. 



How to remove members:
As the administrator of the room, you are not able to remove participant when they have joined. They must do it themselves by pressing the bottom "leave room" or closing down the web browser.