How do I set up my 4C GazeShare Edition eye tracker?

GazeShare Mac
Put your eye tracker into place, download the software, set up display, calibrate a personal profile, add the Chrome extension.

First off, have you put your eye tracker into place?
1. Download and install the software:

2. Accept the terms of use and follow the instructions that guides you through the installation.

3. Click on the Tobii icon to see if the connection was successful. If the system discovered your eye tracker you will be able to set up your display.

win task bar       menu bar mac    

4. It's time to set up your display!

User-added image

If you have multiple screens, choose which the display the eye tracker is attached on.
On the top of your eye tracker there are two small white marks. Move the lines until they are aligned with the marks on top of your eye tracker.

move the lines

5. The final step is to create a profile for your eyes (because everybody’s eyes are created uniquely). When creating a profile, the eye tracker will take you through a calibration process where you will be asked to pop some stones on the screen simply by looking at them.

6. Add the GazeShare extension to your Chrome browser.

Congratulations! You are ready to get started! Log in to GazeShare and experience the power of eye tracking!

Are you using a X2-30 or X3-120? Follow the links to learn about the set up.