How do I set up my X3-120 eye tracker?

Tobii Pro X3-120 Windows GazeShare
Download the following driver and software, set up your screen, calibrate and add the Chrome extension.
Is this not your eye tracker? Maybe you have a 4c or X2-30

Note that GazeShare only supports the X3-120 eye tracker on Windows.

Do you want to use GazeShare with Tobii Studio? Start with the following instructions to set up GazeShare, then move on to
this article.
1. Download the driver

Open the folder:

Click on setup.exe and install. 

Download the software

Follow the on-screen instructions.

3.  Download the EyeX Controller Software

4. Attach you eye tracker and create a profile for your eyes (because everybody’s eyes are created uniquely). When creating a profile, the eye tracker will take you through a calibration process where you will be asked to pop some stones on the screen simply by looking at them.

display setup

On the top of your eye tracker there are two small white marks. Move the lines until they are aligned with the marks on top of your eye tracker.
6. Go to your Chrome browser and add the GazeShare Chrome extension

7. Go to GazeShare and log in with your email address and password. Make sure your mic, video and eye tracker is on.

User-added image

8. Yay! You are ready to use GazeShare. Create a room and invite participants. You are now able to experience the magic in sharing your gaze and screen.


Enjoy GazeShare!
Do you want to use GazeShare with Tobii Studio? Please go to this article.