How do I use GazeShare and Tobii Studio simultaneously?

GazeShare Windows Tobii Pro X3-120
First off, you need an external camera and mic. Log in to GazeShare and choose the correct devices, let GazeShare run in the background of your Studio test.
Make sure you are using a X2-30 or X3-120, Tobii Studio is only compatible with these two eye trackers.

1. First off, note that you need an external web camera and microphone to be able to have video and audio in both GazeShare and Tobii Studio. The external devices are for your web browser and the GazeShare application.

2. Make sure the GazeShare software for your eye tracker is installed and that you are able to fully use the GazeShare application by itself. Instructions to set up your
X2-30 and your X3-120.

3. Log in to GazeShare in your Chrome browser and enter a room.

4. Attach your external web camera and microphone to your computer.

5. Click on the icon of a video camera in the right top corner of your screen and select the external camera and microphone you just attached. Click done.

chrome choose camera mic

6. Go to Tobii Studio and set up your test. Ensure your camera and audio is working by doing a test recording and watch it.

7. Great! You are ready to run a test through Tobii Studio and share it live with participants who entered your room in the GazeShare application. Invite participants to your GazeShare room by sharing the unique link with them. Click "Share Gaze and Screen" to enable them to see your screen.

share screen
8. You are all set up! Go to Tobii Studio and perform your test while you let GazeShare run in the background. The participants in your GazeShare room will be able to record your shared screen and save the recording locally on their computer.