I am not satisfied with the accuracy of my eye tracker, how can I improve it?

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You can easily recalibrate your tracker.
Don’t settle for anything less than perfect! It is easy to improve the accuracy if you are not satisfied with it.

Click on the Tobii icon in the menu bar to open the software.
Click on your user profile to expand the user profiles menu.
Under your username you will find “test and recalibrate”. Click here.

This will take you to a test environment with nine points. 

In this environment, your gaze will be visualized as small blue dots on your screen.

If you're looking at a point within a circle and your gaze dots are within the circle as well, it's considered a good calibration.

Are your gaze points not in the circle?
Please click “recalibrate” in the lower right corner.
This will bring you back to the calibration process. 

calibrate bottom
Make sure you sit comfortable with your head about 60 cm from the screen.
While you fine tune the eye tracker, you have to keep your head still.
When the process is done, you can naturally move your head around.