I am experiencing screen-sharing issues. What should I do?

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your screen-sharing issues.
1. Stop sharing your screen, refresh the page, and start sharing again. 

2. Make sure your computer is following the requirements to use GazeShare:

Google Chrome Web Browser (latest version)

Operating system:
-Windows 7 or 10
-Mac OS Sierra

Windows PC requirements, if you are using it in conjunction with Tobii Pro Studio:

· Intel Core 7 with 4 cores


· Intel HD Graphics 4400 or better


Windows PC requirements, if you are using it alone and NOT with Tobii Pro Studio:

· Intel Core 3 or 5 with 2 cores



Compatible Mac Computers:

· MacBook (Early 2015 or newer)

· MacBook Pro (2012 or newer)

· MacBook Air (2014 or newer)

· Mac mini (2014 or newer)

· iMac (2013 or newer)

· Mac Pro (Late 2013)

3. Have you installed the GazeShare extension to your Google Chrome browser? If not, follow this link to add it. 

4. Do you have strict firewalls that might be blocking your computer from using GazeShare properly? Firewalls are the most common reason for screen-sharing issues. Try changing your network, for example, to the hotspot on your phone and see if GazeShare begins to work. 

Still no luck? We are so sorry! Please send an email to gazeshare@tobii.com describing your problems, and we will get in touch as soon as we can.